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Brookwinn Management, a division of Brookwinn Ventures Inc., is active in areas of accounting and management. Brookwinn Management provides management services to Pen and Paper, a separate division of Brookwinn Ventures Inc., but also provides accounting and management services to other businesses and individuals.

financial planning

Brookwinn Management has a number of clients for whom we do accounting and financial management services. This involves cash flow management, administration of funds, the collection and depositing of receivables, timely payment of bills and other liabilities, and preparation work of year-end statements and adjustments. Brookwinn Management works in conjunction with Frostiak and Leslie, a recognized Tax Accounting firm, for the filing of Corporate Tax Returns.

business management and consulting

Brookwinn Management has provided Business Management services to several businesses over the past years; at present, Brookwinn Management manages a related business, Pen and Paper of Winnipeg. In addition, our contracts with various clients usually involve quite a bit of consulting as various situations in their businesses are discussed, analyzed, and worked through.

property management

Brookwinn Management is also licensed and registered to offer property management services in Manitoba. Our main contract has been to manage a neighbourhood commercial strip mall in Winnipeg. Our work includes the leasing of space, preparation of leases, collection of rents, calculation of common area costs, and the oversight of building and property maintenance and improvements. Through good management, this mall has had 100% occupancy for many years.


By Mail: 2 Nathan Lane Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2K 4J3
By Phone: (204) 663-0507(daytime) (204) 668-4468 (evenings) (204) 791-4226 (cell)
By Fax: (204) 663-3766
By Email:
Principals: Leo and Donna Jansens

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